All of our many services are completed with the latest technology, techniques, and with the care and attention you deserve. Dr. Bottaro is dedicated to furthering his education in the areas of bone grafting and implantology. We have instituted the use of digital radiographs to reduce radiation exposure.

Dental TreatmentDental implants – We want to help you regain confidence in your smile and improve your quality of life. Our dental implant procedures can change your life and allow you to chew your food comfortably again. We have the ability to combine the restoration of dental implants with the surgical placement directly in our office. That saves you time and money.

Root canals – Dr. Bottaro can help save your tooth despite damaged roots without causing you pain. This service can usually be handled in one day. If you're experiencing discomfort, call Dr. Bottaro for reliable root canal services.

Extractions – We practice the latest concepts in tooth extraction and most uncomplicated procedures can be performed same-day. We also offer bone grafting and extraction site preservation therapy to ensure that your jaw bone remains healthy after your extraction.

Removable Partial and Full Dentures – We can fabricate and fit a new set of partial or full dentures for you that are more comfortable. Just a few implants, used as anchors for your new dentures, can make an incredible difference in your quality of life. We offer private consultations if you're suffering from loose dentures.

Crowns and Bridges - Dr. Bottaro has extensive experience in reconstructive dentistry. We can provide high-quality porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, and crowns over implants. Our crowns and bridges are affordable and long-lasting.

Fillings – We have the latest materials and techniques including composite 'tooth-colored' restorative fillings. We can also provide silver fillings, where applicable.

DentalOrthodontics – For adult patients with problem areas, we have fixed and removable type orthodontic solutions. We have solutions that address the specific area of your mouth, instead of all-encompassing straightening techniques that are expensive and inconvenient. You can visit us for a free consultation on our orthodontics services.

Periodontal therapy –Dr. Bottaro offers a complete health evaluation of your gums and supporting tissues. From cleanings to deep scaling and rooting planning, we'll restore the health of your gums. We also offer some periodontal surgical procedures.

Bleaching – Refresh your smile. Our bleaching procedures are simple and effective. We have a wide variety of techniques and treatments to improve the brightness of your teeth.

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