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If you think you could benefit from orthodontic treatment as an adult, you should visit us at Manchester Smiles for a free consultation to determine which type of orthodontic solution is right for you. 

We offer a number of fixed and removable orthodontic appliances that can correct any problem areas you may have in a very cost effective and convenient way.  There are huge benefits to be gained from orthodontic treatment at any age, including improved appearance and function, not to mention long-term health benefits of improving bite pressure such as reduced headaches.  We will help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted and help you feel confident and comfortable during your everyday life.

We will conduct a full examination of your teeth, including taking x-rays to get the full picture.  Plaster models will be made of your teeth to help us determine the best course of treatment for you.  If extra space is needed in your mouth to help carry out the orthodontic treatment, we will discuss the removal of some permanent teeth or other means of making space to get the best results after orthodontic treatment.  Your options will be discussed with you so you can make the decision that works for your preferences and budget.

Our team at Manchester Smiles is thrilled to offer orthodontics in Manchester, Connecticut, to align your crooked teeth and help you love your smile! Dr. Brian F. Bottaro currently offers fixed and removable orthodontic appliances to gradually shift and change your teeth throughout time. If you are interested in this treatment, call our office today at (860) 265-8047 and schedule an appointment with our dentist!

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