At Manchester Smiles, we offer a range of services to treat cavities or dental caries that leave our patients comfortable and confident. You can benefit from composite fillings that look just like the natural color of your teeth.

Restoring your teeth to proper function and eliminating painful symptoms.  You’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge and tried and true techniques for creating long lasting quality fillings.  With our composite fillings you won’t have to unnecessarily lose teeth that have been damaged by cavities.  We can help you stop the progress of small dental caries, and effectively deal with larger cavities that may be causing you pain.

Your Manchester Smiles dentist will perform a complete assessment of your teeth via oral examination and x-ray, and then determine the best type of filling for you.  Your dentist will then thoroughly numb the area around the tooth so that you’re completely comfortable and at ease during the procedure. The decay will be thoroughly removed with a dental drill by your capable Manchester Smiles dentist, before a filling is placed.  You can receive a composite filling, matched exactly to the shade of your tooth and applied in layers, which are then cured by a special light. Amalgam or silver fillings are also available where appropriate.

Placing a dental filling is an easy, pain-free, and successful process. Your dentist will remove the decay, deeply clean your tooth, and fill your tooth, layer by layer, with the dental filling. To learn more, call Manchester Smiles at (860) 265-8047 now!

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