What Every Parent Should Know About Orthodontics, Manchester

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Orthodontics is one branch of dental sciences which deals with corrective treatments such as braces and retainers. Sometimes, some children and even adults have irregular placed or misaligned teeth. This results in several issues. First and foremost, the smile of the patient is not proper. Also, lack of proper dentition can result in other issues like difficulty in maintaining good oral hygiene and food particles getting stuck in between the teeth at odd places et al. All this results in a lot of complications and problems for the patient. However, the good news is that such issues can be rectified by teeth straightening with the help of braces and retainers.

How long does this treatment last?

The treatment of braces and retainers lasts for a long time. It easily takes more than a year for full completion. However, the result of these is teeth which are straight and very healthy. Thus, all the time, effort and money which is invested in this treatment is usually well worth all that goes into it. What is important to note is that if such maladies are not corrected, the patients may suffer from a lack of self-confidence and low morale levels. This may also happen since such people with irregular teeth are made the butt of jokes of those around them. Thus to restore the self-esteem of such people and for dental reasons as well, it is best that they go in for orthodontic treatment.

What is best about this treatment is that these days we even have invisible braces. Sometimes, some patients may feel a bit conscious while wearing braces and retainers since these are usually metallic and one can make them out even from a distance. However, with rapid advancements made in the field of orthodontics, one has found that braces can be of the invisible variety too.

What is a retainer?

A retainer is a custom-made, removable or fixed device which helps maintain the new position of the teeth after the period of wearing braces is over. Retainers can also be made use of for treatment of minor dental issues. Braces, incidentally are used to correct some dental maladies. These include bad bite (malocclusion), crooked or protruding teeth, and jaws which do not line up correctly. This can be a result of genetic factors as well. If one does not treat such conditions, a person can develop difficulty in speaking or chewing, tooth decay and even loss, an onset of gum disease and poor dental health in an overall manner. Braces can be made with ceramic, plastic, metal and even a combination of such substances. A retainer may at times be worn only a night and in between meals during the daytime so that the newly rearranged teeth stay in their new positions and do not shift back to their previous ones. If this happens, the entire orthodontic treatment of wearing braces goes down the drain.

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