The Increasing Popularity of Removable Dentures, Manchester

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Removable dentures are customized, common and versatile alternatives for missing teeth, having the ability to replace any number of missing teeth, can be taken out and put back at any point of time, feel like the set of natural ones. They are made of acrylic plastics which can be colored to match the color of patient’s natural gum tissues; the teeth are made of either acrylic or ceramic. The base of dentures is of the shape of a horseshoe to provide accommodation to your tongue; upper part covers the roof of the mouth.A new set of dentures may feel uncomfortable for some time, and doing the daily chores such as eating and speaking with dentures might take a little practice.

They are mainly classified into two types, i.e., full or partial dentures, based on the number of teeth lost.But following are the types of dentures:

  • Complete dentures: These are suitable for those who have lost all of their teeth in either of the arch(jaw), and they rest directly on the gum.
  • Partial dentures: Patients who have lost a few or several dentures are recommended these dentures, with the purpose of anchoring to natural teeth. And are usually made of metal or plastics.
  • Immediate dentures: As suggested by the name these are the dentures which are placed directly after the removal of natural teeth. A period of few weeks or months is needed for the gums and jaw to heal, continue to lead a few months while waiting for the denture.
    Implant retained dentures: These are relatively inexpensive when compared with the implant restorations. They use titanium material abutments attached into the jawbone. These are a more stable option than the conventional ones.

Benefits of getting dentures include:

  • Cosmetic benefits: Further shifting of remaining teeth due to missing teeth can be stopped and facial structure is supported as dentures give your cheek and mouth their original definition, and promote a youthful appearance.
  • Functional benefits: Quality of speech and communication can be enhanced along with maximising the oral functions of the patients.
  • Affordable price: Replacement of missing teeth is still expensive while dentures are more pocket-friendly.

Despite benefits, the dentures provide people still resist and avoid getting them because of their misconceptions about the look and discomfort they might feel. Few people might notice the difference in natural teeth and dentures, but an experienced denturist would ensure the natural look and comfort.They are a simple solution for your lost teeth, on an average 60 percent of people in united states of America opt for dentures every year. Hence their popularity has increased many folds.

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