The Diet for Healthy Teeth in Manchester

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Healthy Teeth


We all know that our teeth are important. Having healthy teeth can boost our self-confidence by showing our happy and healthy smile. Some individuals believed that it only takes a proper oral hygiene routine so that they might be able to have perfect and healthy teeth. Well, yes it can help, but we still need to have a proper food diet to achieve it.

In nutrition, diet is the amount of food consumed by a person or organism. It often implies the use of the specific intake of nutrition for health or weight-management reasons. Eating proper nutrient-rich foods contributes to keeping teeth and gums healthy. According to research, these are the best foods to eat for you to have adequate nutrients to your teeth.

Foods are that rich in calcium and phosphorus

Teeth enamel is composed of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. These elements are the building blocks of enamel. Different acid foods and drinks may cause erosion of teeth enamel. To avoid the said erosion, consuming foods rich in calcium and phosphorus are necessary if you want to achieve strong and healthy teeth.

The sources of calcium are yogurt, cheese (hard, aged), seafood, low-fat milk, fortified soy drinks, tofu, almond, canned salmon and dark green leafy vegetables.

Best sources of phosphorus such as pumpkin seeds, fish, Brazil nuts, lean meat, eggs, and dairy products.

Foods that are firm, crunchy, and high in water

By talking of “firm and crunchy foods,” it is not all about chips and crackers only. It has to be raw foods and vegetables. Firm and crunchy foods that are high in water can be an excellent source to have a healthy teeth. Chewing these foods can produce more saliva, which is the best neutralizer of the bacteria that causes cavities. The texture of these foods can help be a natural cleanser of the teeth, which it gently scrub and clean teeth’s surface so that it may be able to remove plaque and food particles.

Best sources of foods that are high in water are celeries, apples, cucumbers, and carrots.

Foods that are rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is also essential to achieve a healthy teeth. It can reduce inflammation and can strengthen blood vessels, which may help in maintaining healthier gums. It can also produce collagen, a key protein that helps to fight periodontal disease — the infection against affects the gums. Lacking vitamin C can make the patient prone to periodontal disease.

Best sources that are rich in vitamin C are bell peppers, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, broccoli, and kales.

Foods that can be antioxidants

We already knew that antioxidant is well-known when it comes to cleansing our body. Antioxidants also have benefits for our teeth. It can help fights bacterias that can cause inflammation and periodontal disease. It can also protect gums and other soft tissue from cell damage and bacterial infection.

The best sources of antioxidants are apples, berries, raisins, nuts, and beans.

There you have it. Still, don’t forget to maintain your proper oral hygiene and to eat appropriate foods to achieve your healthy teeth so that you can flash your perfect and healthy smile.

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