Teeth Bleaching in Manchester, CT: Your Go-To Treatment

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A beautiful smile has many clear benefits to the wellness of a person. It helps people feel good about themselves, uplifts their confidence in dealing with others, and keeps them motivated to practice proper oral hygiene daily. Smiling with yellow-looking teeth, on the other hand, is unappealing. Low self-esteem, poor first impression, and dropped social relationships – these are all the consequences of having a dull smile.

To aid teeth stainings and discolorations, people resorted in different whitening methods; some, unfortunately, are weird ways. They use black, activated charcoal to get pearly-white teeth. Others rub banana peels on their teeth and expect dramatic results right after. There are even those who swish sesame oil in their mouth. Well thanks, but no thanks! Here at Manchester Smiles, we stick to the most effective whitening approach: professional teeth bleaching.


White Teeth


Facts About Professional Teeth Bleaching

“Bleaching” may sound a bit intimidating and scary. But the truth is, it is the other term for whitening. Here are the facts to help you get a clearer view about the treatment:

  • Teeth bleaching done in the dentist’s office uses 15% to 43% of hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth. This main whitening ingredient is proven effective in lightening the shades of pearly whites.
  • Like any other dental procedures, teeth bleaching has its pros and cons. Teeth sensitivity is the main side effect of the treatment. However, patients should not worry as the discomfort will eventually fade away.
  • Patients with crowns or composite tooth-colored bondings are not good candidates for teeth bleaching. These prostheses are resistant to stains and whitening solutions.
  • The treatment offers fast brightening results! Dental professionals utilize specific heat and lights to accelerate the bleaching process. In as early as 30 minutes or an hour, the patient can attain a white smile.
  • The longevity of the whitening effect for professional teeth bleaching depends on the given aftercare. Patients should continue caring for their teeth despite their new, healthy smile. They must avoid acidic and pigmented substances as well.

Seeing the dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings are recommended. The dental hygienist can eliminate the unwanted accumulations that can place havoc to the teeth and the overall health of the mouth.

Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Manchester Smiles and check out our Teeth Bleaching service in Manchester, CT. We are located at 168 Spencer Street Manchester, CT 06040.