Root Canals in Manchester, CT: Benefits and Risks

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It is normal to worry after hearing the dentist telling you to schedule a root canal treatment. With all the unpleasant misinterpretations about the said procedure, who will have the courage to undergo it right away? But since we understand how the treatment can save the overall oral health, we at Manchester Smiles will try to convince patients who need root canals to receive it. We will do it by exposing the advantages of the therapy as well as its possible risks for them to prepare beforehand.


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So What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

Have you ever heard about endodontic therapy? It is the other term for root canals. The mentioned treatment is performed to extract the infection from the inner portion of the tooth. When bacteria multiply in the pulp or nerve chamber of the tooth, they cause problems like a toothache, discoloration, and sensitivity. The only way to subside these unpleasant conditions is to mend the infected tooth using a root canal procedure.


What Are The Benefits Of Root Canals?

Here are the pros of root canal treatment:

  • The apparent advantage of the therapy is that it keeps the original tooth in place. Unlike a tooth extraction, the natural structure of the pearly white is preserved with the help of root canals.
  • When the tooth is not removed, issues like bad bites, teeth shifting, chewing difficulty, and speaking hassles are prevented.
  • The pain brought by the infected tooth will go away if it is treated with a root canal procedure.
  • Tooth infection may lead to the growth of an abscess. When a pocket of pus resides in the mouth, issues like fever, throbbing toothache, swelling, and bad breath follow. A root canal treatment is necessary not just to eliminate the infection but to halt the progress of these complications too.


How About Its Possible Risks?

A root canal treatment may leave the tooth vulnerable to reinfection and may also compromise its functions. It is wise to ask the dentist to safeguard the newly treated tooth with a dental crown, therefore. Also, it may take a long time before the affected site can fully recover from root canal therapy. You can hasten it by following the aftercare instructions of the dentist.

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