Reasons to Undergo Tooth Extraction in Manchester

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Tooth Extraction

People want to have their teeth to be as healthy as possible because teeth are vital for the health and longevity of a person. It plays an essential role in every person’s life, so extensive care should be done. But sometimes, no matter how you care for your teeth, certain problems happen and this lead to tooth decay and damage.

To address the problems, medical treatments are done. When the damage is severe, and these treatments can no longer save the tooth, the extraction process will be recommended.

What is tooth extraction?

During the tooth extraction process, a tooth is removed from its area in the gum and jawbone. This procedure is performed when the patient is awake and uses a local anesthetic to prevent pain. Extraction may sometimes require a different approach in certain cases like if the tooth is buried. In this situation, a surgical drill in the bone is performed and cutting of gums.

Reasons for tooth extraction

  • Crowded Mouth. To prepare the mouth for orthodontia teeth are pulled to provide space. The purpose of orthodontia is to align the teeth properly; this will not work if teeth occupy too much space in the patient’s mouth. Also, extraction will give space to the permanent tooth that will erupt soon.
  • Infection. If the decay reaches the pulp of the tooth, which is the center, it can cause infection. If it worsens, it will be required that teeth will be extracted to prevent the infection from spreading inside the mouth.
  • Wisdom Teeth. The so-called third molars appear if the patient is in the late teens or 20’s.  Wisdom teeth often fail to come out that causes gum irritation, pain, and swelling. If not removed, this can cause further complications.
  • Risk of Infection. For those people who are having health issues who undergo chemotherapy or an organ transplant, the elimination of risks is essential, and that is why tooth extraction is considered.

Tooth extraction can be terrifying to think of especially it is often called as a surgery. It may sound unpleasant, but it is truly beneficial. However, knowing the procedure and understanding its purpose may bring assurance to you. To better know about tooth extraction, it is better to consult a dentist at Manchester Smiles.

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