Longer Lasting Tooth Replacement With Dental Implants in Manchester

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Dental Implants are considered to be the best option for replacing missing teeth. It does not simply fill in the gaps made by missing teeth; they are durable and natural looking which is why it is ideal for preserving the bone and facial structure without appearing out of place.  At Manchester Smiles, we are dedicated to providing the best and ideal solutions for any dental problems including Dental Implants.

Dental Implant

What is a Dental Implant?

An Implant is a titanium post that is surgically and strategically placed on the patient’s jaw bone. It serves as the tooth’s root of that can hold the dental prosthesis in place such as dental crowns, bridges, and even dentures. The titanium post can promote osseointegration which is the natural bond formed between the bones and implant making the attachment stronger and more durable. A dental implant is composed of an abutment that connects the dental prosthesis to the implant which is located on the gum line area. The procedure can replace single to multiple missing teeth and the number of implants to be placed depends on the patient’s bone structure that will support and hold the Implants in place.

Types of Dental Implants

Endosteal Implant – It is the type of Implant that is shaped like a screw and is surgically placed directly into the jaw bone. It is the common type of implant that is used for patients who have sufficient bone support that can properly hold the dental prosthesis in place.

Subperiosteal implant – It is the type of implant that is made out of a metal framework that is attached under the gum tissue but above the jaw bone. It is consist of small metal posts that can anchor the dental prosthesis in place. A Subperiosteal implant is ideal for people who do not have enough bone structure to support an endosteal implant and refuses to undergo bone augmentation procedure to rebuild the bone structure.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • It improves appearance compared to other dental treatments that can replace missing teeth. And with its fusion with the bone, Implants are even more natural looking.
  • Poorly fitted dentures can affect how a person speaks but with the immovability if Implants it provides a secured fit without any worries of it slipping or getting in the way of talking.
  • Implants are surgically placed it becomes part of the patient’s mouth eliminating the discomfort and inconvenience from dentures.
  • A patient can enjoy any foods that they want to eat, with its secured and durable attachment to the mouth. Implants not only provides a better appearance but it also restores the overall function of the missing teeth.
  • It can improve the overall dental health of the patient, natural, healthy teeth structures surrounding the implants are not affected making it an ideal solution for preserving more of the tooth’s structure.
  • Dental Implants are easy to clean and maintain, with proper dental hygiene and care practices. It ensures the overall structure, health, and longevity of the treatment.

With the ever-growing technological enhancements in dentistry, each patient’s need can be catered with the specific dental treatments available that have improved effects and results. Dental Implants are ideal for anyone with missing teeth to gain back their confidence and self-esteem to smile freely and beautifully.

Bring out your best smile with Dental Implants in Manchester, book your appointments with Manchester Smiles! Call us and experience outstanding results to make your teeth look naturally beautiful and healthy.