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Dental implants are the very latest in the field of restorative dentistry. This is a method to regain your teeth in the closest way possible to natural teeth. Also, when done and if looked after properly, dental implants can last a person their entire lifetime.

What exactly are dental implants?

Dental implants constitute two parts. One is a titanium screw which is drilled into the jaw bone. The jaw bone grows around it naturally as it gets stimulated during this procedure. Once it tightens its hold around the jaw bone, it is the root of the tooth which is placed on top. Atop this screw is a dental crown which resembles a tooth in its natural format, shape, size, and color.

Dental implants can be done of one tooth or even the entire set of upper and lower teeth in the mouth. After every few months, the patient with dental implants should go across to the dentist for a thorough check-up and make adjustments if required.

How are dental implants different from dentures?

In the case of dentures, they had to be removed each night and placed in a container of distilled water. In the morning, they can be placed back into the mouth. Implants, once drilled into the jaw bone, are permanent fixtures. There is a fear while using dentures of them falling off when a person laughs loudly or bites into a hard or a sticky food item. These can also crack up if a person bites too hard into any such edibles. With implants, since they have become permanent due to the jaw bone growing around their lower portion, there is no danger of them coming off.

With dentures, a person’s way of talking and eating also changes a bit. This is due to the nature and the texture of the dentures. This is not the case of dental implants – it restores back your original smile, the manner of talking and eating.

How does one take care of dental implants?

Dental implants need to be taken care of properly. A person should maintain strict oral hygiene rules and regulations when he or she has dental implants. One should brush one’s teeth twice daily for at least two minutes each time. Also, regular flossing, at least once a day, should be done. Also, if possible, one should brush teeth after each meal. If this is not possible, it is best to rinse the mouth properly each time after a person has food. Regular visits to the dentist, as mentioned above, are also recommended to check the health of the dental screws and crowns placed atop them.

Is dental implant treatment painful?

During the time of tooth extraction, the dentist gives an injection or two to numb the area. This is the only pain that a patient feels. Even during the time, the titanium screw is embedded and the crown placed, numbing is done. Hence, the patient feels no pain.

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